Nature conservation in the Austrian Rural Development Programme

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Operation M10.1.19 focuses on result-oriented and focused Rural Development Programme (RDP) interventions to stabilise endangered habitats, species and plants and thus reverse the decline of biodiversity in Austria’s agricultural regions.

Project summary: 

To fight the ongoing decline of biodiversity in Austria, it is necessary to adopt result oriented, focused and specific interventions in targeted regions that are habitats for endangered species. Operation M10.1.19 - Nature conservation provides targeted solutions to achieve this.
The primary objective of Operation M10.1.19 is the conservation and enhancement of endangered habitats, species and plants. It supports activities like the implementation of specific combinations of nature protection commitments, which are decided by farmers, ecologists and the nature conservation departments of the federal provinces.

Project results: 

Evaluation studies show that the abundance of the Whinchat (a small, perching migratory bird), which is an indicator species for traditionally cultivated hay meadows, increased in accordance with the type of interventions adopted. Nature conservation commitments had positive effects on a high proportion of arable land.
About 31% of the breeding areas for the Great Grey Shrike (a large songbird) had adopted nature conservation commitments.