Nature and outdoor tourism – cooperation and networking for local business

In order to take advantage of the enormous potential of outdoor tourism, fostering cooperation and networking among the local actors is essential.

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Project summary: 

Great possibilities for outdoors tourism abound in the area of Skaraborg, along with the potential for small enterprises to expand their business to include tourism activities. But not all small businesses are able to take advantage of these possibilities. Along with LAG’s in connected areas, the Leader Östra Skaraborg wants to develop such outdoor tourism in the area by helping entrepreneurs and other actors to cooperate and create new products.

They are doing this by organising networking and educational meetings, and by offering help on developing new products and packaging for already existing tourism products.

Project results: 

One of the participants’ meeting for kayaking businesses led to a new concept: fixed departures of kayaking tours.

A biking-package for international visitors was created in Skaraborg that includes a couple of potential accommodation options on a certain route.

The concept of biking-packages is about to be introduced to other connected areas.

A boat route with fixed departures on the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, was developed with support from the project.