Na-Tür-lich Dorf - Nature conservation at the doorstep

The aim of this interterritorial cooperation project is to mobilise and engage local communities in preserving the natural resources and biodiversity in their local area. 

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Project summary: 

Wildlife habitats in and around villages have been declining for decades and this has had a severe impact on natural resources and biodiversity. Such habitats include species-rich gardens, nesting sites for swallows, sparrows or barn owls, semi-natural meadows and pastures. In order to reverse this situation, the project supported the start-up of small projects designed to create and develop habitats for endangered animal and plant species. This involved providing advice and expertise from specialists, raising awareness, organising events and demonstration activities, which ran alongside an information and communication campaign.

Project results: 

100 small actions about nature conservation had already been implemented by mid-2021 the district of Euskirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, one of the participating districts. 
Numerous advisory meetings have been held and cooperation with the local authorities to create wildlife habitats around municipal buildings are ongoing.
Awareness about nature conservation has substantially increased among the population in the targeted villages. There is very lively cooperation with the project, especially in villages where the inhabitants are well networked or organised in associations. 
More than 120 people attended some of the online presentations.