Municipal electric cars-sharing service – France

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This project solved problems of mobility and access to public services in an isolated territory by providing a non-polluting vehicle at an affordable cost, while encouraging carpooling and strengthening social ties. 

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Project summary: 

This project is an innovative solution that helped improve public, social and solidarity services. It provides a cost-efficient and green alternative transport solution to personal cars. The whole village and the local authority joined in developing the project and creating real added value. 

Project results: 

Villagers can use non-polluting transport for trips of up to 80 km, including access to supermarkets, do it yourself (DIY) stores, specialised care and hospitals for tests as well as to visit family and friends. Carpooling and strengthened social ties are encouraged, including with tourists. Municipal services also use the vehicle. This has saved on the purchase of new cars.
This project also contributes to ecological transition objectives in saving resources and this cleaner form of transport as it is aligned with the European Green Deal.