Modernisation of a vegetable farm in Romania

A Romanian farm specialised in crop production invested in modernisation activities to expand its production capacity. As a result, it created job opportunities for the local Roma community.

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Project summary: 

GEO & COSTI AGROSTAR is an agricultural and commercial company established in 1998 growing mainly cereals (except rice), leguminous plants and seed oil plants. It is located in the Găneasa commune where nearly a quarter of the population is Roma and is experiencing high unemployment rates.

The company implemented an investment plan to increase its efficiency while taking into consideration environmental and societal challenges. It used grant support to purchase machinery, including: a combine with adapter for harvesting sunflower; adapter for harvesting rapeseed; a tractor of 250 hp; a plug with six furrows; two tractors of 105 hp; a drill seeder; an eight-row hoeing fertilizer machine; a tipper trailer; and a hammer mill. To run the new machinery and support the enhanced operation of the farm, the company trained and employed Roma women and youth.

Project results: 

The use of the best technology available reduced losses in production and improved performance. The new machinery made it easier for the company to adapt to EU environmental, veterinary, sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards.

The project contributed to Roma integration into the labour market through training and employment. The investment created two jobs for women (secretarial and accounting) and five for youth to operate the new equipment. The company staff increased from 11 to 18 people.

The company uses direct distribution channels and delivers products to customers without intermediaries which results in a higher sale price. The increased production volume resulted in increased financial turnover of the company.

The company expanded the area it operates on to 1 500 ha, about 2.5 times larger than at the time of grant application submission.

GEO & COSTI AGROSTAR ranked first in ‘Top Business Romania’ in 2011.