Modernisation of the Poharci dairy farm

A dairy farm combined three RDP supported operations to increase and modernise milk production and secure one full-time job.

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Project summary: 

The beneficiary Matjaž Vrhovšek combined three RDP-supported operations to increase and modernise milk production on his farm and secure one full-time job. The project supported the construction of a cattle shed, purchase of a breeding heifer, and acquisition of agricultural machinery through a collective investment that was made in cooperation with a neighbouring farm.

Project results: 

One full-time job was created for the young farm holder.

The new, larger cattle shed enables the farmer to breed 58 dairy cows and 51 heifers and weanlings. It has significantly improved animal welfare.

A new milking robot reduced physical work and gave the cows more freedom to determine when they are milked.

The investment in modern, diverse and specialised agricultural machinery helped to make the farm’s operations in fields and meadows more efficient and better quality. This has improved the standard of fodder produced.

Finally, the shared investment helped to reduce running costs and meant that the new machinery was used more.