Modernisation of Planika Dairy

A dairy plant in Slovenia used EAFRD support for its modernisation and became a lead producer of high quality milk and cheese in the country.   

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Project summary: 

Mlekarna Planika (Planika dairy) used EAFRD support to modernise its equipment and production technics. Other improvements included increasing hygiene standards and environment protection, improving work safety and enhancing production capacity. The modernisation was carried out in a step by step approach. This was due to the fact that it was very difficult to obtain financing in a time of crisis.

This process effectively transformed the plant from a milk powder producer to one of the leading producers of high quality fresh milk and cheese in Slovenia.

A museum was established that presents the region's high mountain farming traditions, as well as the history and role of the dairy plant in the area. 


Project results: 

Since 2012 the dairy plant became one of key producers of the cheese Tolminc with protected designation of origin. 

The dairy plant introduced high production standards. Thanks to better planning of the production processes it increased its energy efficiency. The wastewater treatment now in place has a positive impact on the environment.

Around 100 farmers supply the plant approximately 8 million litres of high quality milk per year. Over the years some of them significantly increased the quantity of milk they produce in response to the plant's increasing input requirement. The network of suppliers expanded to neighbouring municipalities.

The museum attracts 8 000 to 10 000 visitors per year. It has become a popular attraction.

The museum created one full time job.