Modernisation of irrigation infrastructure at the Community of Páramo Medio

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RDP support financed the replacement of outdated irrigation infrastructure towards improved water use efficiency, increased crop yields and reduced energy costs.

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Project summary: 

In 1959, a reservoir was constructed that brought water to Páramo Medio, Castilla y León. This development allowed agriculture to switch from traditional rainfed crops (wheat, barley and vineyard) to irrigation crops. However, over the years the irrigation infrastructure became outdated and needed modernisation.

RDP support financed the replacement of the outdated infrastructure with modern and efficient systems. This included automated pumping stations and pressure irrigation networks. An automated monitoring system was installed that starts the engines on demand. The project also set up low and high-voltage installations for the operation of the irrigation system.


Project results: 

Water consumption decreased by 28%.

Runoff of fertilisers and pesticides substantially decreased due to more effective irrigation.

Productivity of holdings improved due to increased crop production and decreased production costs. For instance, the productivity of maize increased from 10 000 kg/ha to 13 000-14 000 kg/ha.

The working conditions of the farmers improved as it is much easier to manage and operate the new system.