Modernisation of a frozen fruit processing plant

An investment project for the modernisation and automation of a frozen fruits processing plant in order to minimise production losses. 

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Project summary: 

‘BULFRUKT’ Ltd. is a family company first established in 1995 with more than 20-years’ experience in processing, freezing, packaging, storing and selling frozen soft fruit and berries. Due to the seasonal character of the input raw material the production activity is seasonal and the company has to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, the ratio of losses to the quantity of production was over 34%.
To solve these problems, a new investment was put in place for the modernisation and production processes’ automation. This investment project included the purchase, delivery and installation of a packing machine, an anti-vibration platform with a linear dispenser, a wrapping washing line and a three-axle electric motor.

Project results: 

This investment helped improve the competitiveness of BULFRUKT Ltd. This was achieved through modernisation which guarantees the profitable production of high quality product, through the use of modern technologies and strict control of the entire process.
The energy audit carried out for the project showed that the CO2 savings would amount to 42.97 tonnes per year and a reduced annual energy consumption of 261,439 kWh. This is equivalent to 16.7% less compared to the baseline before the investment, thus  significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
The investment has also a positive contribution on raising employment in rural areas - eight new full-time jobs were created.