Modernisation of the ‘Farma Bezdínek s.r.o’ agricultural holding

The largest, hi-tech hydroponic greenhouse for growing vegetables in the Czech Republic used Rural Development Programme (RDP) support to upgrade its pesticide-free production capacity.

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Project summary: 

The Bezdínek Farm is an agricultural holding dedicated to mixed farming, i.e. crop and animal production. It operates the largest hi-tech hydroponic greenhouse for year-round vegetable growing in the Czech Republic.

The farm used Rural Development Programme (RDP) support to extend the areas of its orchards by approximately 0.6 ha. In addition to the purchase of new machinery to better manage the orchard, a support structure with an anti-hail system was set up to protect future harvests against adverse weather conditions. The farm also modernised the greenhouses by purchasing grow lights and harvesting and growing technology. 

Project results: 

The investment allowed the farm to increase its winter production. The state-of-the-art harvesting and growing technology has resulted in a major change in the system of harvesting and the performance of growing operations of the farm. 

The farm is the first greenhouse in the country that has implemented the certified Pesticide Residue Free vegetable production system.
The farm has already achieved 0 % pesticides residue in the vegetables it produces and has reduced nutrient loss to 0 % by recycling and reusing the excess water from irrigation.