Modernisation of a buffalo farm in Bulgaria

An investment project to modernise a buffalo dairy farm through the introduction of new processes and equipment.

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Project summary: 

Murra 2002 Ltd is a buffalo farm located in the village of Lozenets, Straldzha municipality, Yambol district. It owns a total of 606 buffaloes of the Murrah breed and produces its own animal feed. The farm needed to build a new barn for the animals. It also needed to expand and renovate an existing barn with capacity for 240 buffaloes.

The project financed the reconstruction and expansion of the old buffalo barn, and the construction of the new barn. It also financed the acquisition and installation of zoological equipment for the 2 barns. A new combine harvester was also purchased to improve the production of forage crops, along with specialised farm equipment with lower fuel consumption to improve the quality and efficiency of the farm’s operations.

Project results: 

Results expected be achieved include:

  • enabling the farm to become cost-effective and competitive in buffalo milk production
  • ensuring the farm’s compliance with EU standards on work safety, hygiene and animal welfare
  • achieving high product quality in accordance with the standards of the Community Regulation (EC) № 853/2004 on plant protection products
  • ensure compliance with the EU Nitrates Ditrective (91/676 / EEC) on the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources
  • lowering the cost of veterinary interventions due to improved hygiene conditions for the buffaloes
  • improving working conditions and reducing the cost per production unit