“Midnight in the Meadow” – setting up a unique museum installation in remote rural Latvia

A cultural association in remote rural Latvia used LEADER support to foster co-creation in the local community, resulting in a museum exhibition that is unique in the Baltic States.

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Project summary: 

The association ‘Ūdenszīmes’ operates in a small and remote village with a population of less than 200 people. The association had established the “Museum of the Meadow”, themed around the midsummer night experience with reference to ethnography, folk traditions and authentic artefacts. The  museum attracts around 2 500 visitors annually and the association wanted to improve and diversify the exhibition in order to attract even more visitors.

LEADER support helped the association to create a multimedia exhibition called "Midnight Meadow". The new installation consists of eight video projections with sound and text menus in four languages. The new exhibition opened to the public in the summer solstice of 20 June 2017.


Project results: 

A new exhibition was set up which is unique in the Baltic States;

The exhibition is available in English, Russian and Lithuanian. That gives the opportunity to tourists from neighbouring countries to visit the museum

It is expected that the number of visitors will increase by 30% in 2017 compared to about 2 500 visitors in 2016.

The increased number of visitors will generate additional income possibilities for the residents, businesses and farms of the village.