Mértola Com Gosto

An integrated municipal strategy to build a sustainable development model for the local economy based on the agri-food identity of the territory.

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Project summary: 

In an area suffering from demographic decline and low economic potential, ‘Mértola Com Gosto’ is an integrated municipal strategy for the valorisation of local food production and empowerment of the local community through the progressive implementation of a local-based agri-food system. 

Through a series of awareness-raising activities, such as organising events, street markets and workshops, and developing promotional materials, the strategy aimed to revive the agri-food identity of the territory and establish it as one of the pillars for a sustainable development model for the local economy. The project also focus on intergenerational knowledge transfer.

Project results: 

Increased awareness among local people about the need to incorporate local products  into their eating habits and the local gastronomic traditions.

High level of participation in the already developed initiatives, namely the street markets and the active involvement of local actors (collectives, association of entrepreneurs) in organising the different activities carried out.