Madrid-KmRegion – Strengthening the food chain and short distribution channels

An EIP Operational Group was set up to strengthen the food chain and create short distribution channels for small and medium farms in the Madrid region.

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Project summary: 

The region of Madrid has experienced strong economic and urban growth in recent decades. However, the urbanisation process has been so intensive that it has broken the link between the countryside and the city. A study carried out by IMIDRA  in 2014, showed a lack of knowledge among consumers about the agricultural products from the Madrid Region including quality olive oil, wine, cheese, fruit and vegetables. 
In this context, the Madrid-KmRegion operational group provides an alternative to the current situation, by strengthening the food chain and short distribution channels for small and medium farms in the region. It also supports young people who want to join the agricultural sector without intermediaries or cannot access funding by offering match funding, hence reducing the distance ‘from farm to fork’.

Project results: 

In 2019 a network of six farms that are open to visitors was established. In 2020, the operational group expects to include six more, thus forming a network of 12 participating farms, at least. 
A system to provide information about fairs and local markets has been created. It is available throughout the region and enables consumers to meet local producers and access local products. 
The project covers 10 local entities of the Madrid Region.