Local Climate Plan for the Pays des Condruses - less 40% of CO2 by 2030

A Local Action Group (LAG) helps coordinate the climate and energy strategies of its municipalities.

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Project summary: 

Given the high cost of energy, the economic pressure on households has been increasing. At the same time concerns about the environment, e.g. on climate change, are growing too. In this context, the LAG Pays des Condruses asbl, was mandated to coordinate the climate and energy strategies of its seven municipalities.The LAG organised several types of activities. These included innovative economic models based on crowdfunding, networking with the building sector, and collective design of soft mobility solutions. The main project output was a local climate plan. This set concrete targets and milestones to achieve the goal that by 2050, Pays des Condruses will be a ‘positive energy territory’, producing more energy than it consumes.

Project results: 

The main output of the project will be a local climate action plan. It will include four main strands, on i) assessments and diagnosis, ii) a combined strategy for the seven municipalities in the LAG area, (iii) an action plan consisting of 20 action points, (iv) a communication plan and a provisional calendar for delivering all action points.

The plan includes an analysis of data about CO2 consumption in the project area between 2006 and 2012. This provides the baseline upon which quantitative estimates can be set for the future.