Lithuanian consumers benefit from improved quality and variety of regional dairy products

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Rural Development Programme investment support has boosted the productivity and competitiveness of a family dairy business and helped to safeguard more than 60 jobs.

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Project summary: 

The Šaltekšnis dairy company is based in Marijampolė county in the village of Sūsninkai. This family business started adding value to its milk in the 1990s. It produces traditional cheeses, cream and yoghurt products that are very popular in Lithuania’s domestic market. 

Remaining competitive has required the company to stay up-to-date with modern production processes and consumer demands. The RDP investment provided a financial contribution towards the company’s costs of purchasing a semi-automatic product filling machine, machinery for bottling milk, a pasteuriser with a specialised production module, and an automated cutter used during the production of high-quality natural yoghurt.

Project results: 

The company now has demand for 11-14 tonnes of milk each day. It adds value to this raw material and provides Lithuanian consumers with a wider range of higher quality, competitively-priced, popular regional food products.
63 jobs from local rural communities throughout the company’s supply-chain have been safeguarded thanks to the RDP grant comprising EAFRD and national co-finance.