'Let’s Clean the Water'

In a rural area without public sewage system, a LEADER project helped the local population to get familiar with the new environmental standards, legislation and requirements on wastewater treatment. It also enabled them to make informed decisions on which wastewater treatment technology to use.  

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Project summary: 

The Local Action Group (LAG) of Škofja Loka hills covers an area of about 41 800 inhabitants. The area is hilly with numerous dispersed small settlements and isolated farms. Around a quarter of population did not have access to public sewage networks. Thus it was necessary to inform the affected population about new environmental standards and legislation on wastewater treatment and support them in finding their own solutions.

A first project supported training a team of local advisors and set up an advisory office providing information and guidance to potential investors. This project also supported study visits, lectures and consultations. A follow up project funded the construction of four small wastewater treatment (WWT) plants for testing. It also supported a wide range of awareness raising activities and advisory support for the local population. Information activities included open days at the demonstrations sites, publication of news and professional articles on the local press and radio, as well as producing and distributing informative leaflets.


Project results: 

Around 2 600 households received information.

13 group counselling events and 4 study tours were organised.

4 wastewater treatent facilities of different type were installed for testing. Their operation had a direct positive effect on the environment and all facilities are still in operation.