Lebecco s.r.o. – Expanding the production capacity of a bakery company

A bakery company producing high quality traditional bakery products used support from the rural development programme to modernise and expand its production capacity.

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Project summary: 

A bakery company employing nearly 80 employees and offering quality fresh handmade bakery products, based on traditional recipes, needed to increase its production and develop new products.

Support from the rural development programme was used to extend the existing bakery production hall. A new bakery hall was built and 12 types of new machines and equipment were procured such as a rotary bakery oven, a flour silo, a dough roller, a cooling box, professional digital scales, a cooling working table, spiral dough mixers, dishwasher equipment, a heat exchanger, a cyclothermic oven, electric band, etc.

Project results: 
  • extended the production hall from 750 to 1330 m2;
  • increased speed of handling either material or ready products;
  • increased workplace safety;
  • created 4 new jobs;
  • increased turnover by 20%.