LEADER case study – Strong underlying values in LEADER/CLLD

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Strong underlying values and connections to academic institutions support LEADER/CLLD in Croatia, where the LEADER network is convinced that the LEADER/CLLD approach is of significant relevance at all levels of rural development. 

Project summary: 

This case study reflects on cooperation in the LEADER delivery chain. To raise awareness, build capacities and understanding, the LEADER Network of Croatia (LNC) promotes the seven principles of LEADER intensively through numerous educational actions, know-how transfers, technical assistance, and ‘by example’ on a daily basis. Its ambition is to maximise the ability of all stakeholders to develop excellence in communication, cooperation and partnership for the common good of integrated rural development across Croatia. Intensive work on staff capacity building is thereby required at all levels and at all times.

Project results: 
  • Disseminating the main principals of LNC work across all members
  • emphasis on building capacity to overcome challenges
  • organisation of conference bringing together academic, ministerial and local practitioners from across South Eastern Europe in 2019 for over 320 participants from 20 countries.