LEADER case study – The effectiveness of ‘own projects’ in LEADER

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Sustainable development is a cross-cutting theme in LEADER Ravakka’s (Finland) current local development strategy. The aim is to encourage local organisations to combat climate change by becoming more active in implementing environmentally friendly projects. 

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Project summary: 

When the LEADER local development strategy was designed, the Local Action Group (LAG) was careful to listen closely to the needs and aspirations of the population and organisations. The community had a widespread concern about the environment and a strong ambition to address the situation. However, while everyone understood the need for improving the environment, not many felt that they knew how to go about this in practice. There are very few environmental advisors located in the area and the question arose how the strong strategic focus on environmental actions could be implemented effectively by the LAG. The concept of ‘own LEADER projects’ was the solution.

Project results: 
  • Based on the experience of the LAG, ‘own projects’ are excellent mechanisms to help engage with specific target groups
  • Employment of one thematic LAG facilitator
  • Over 50% of LAGs in Finland make use ‘own projects’