A lavender and herb farm creates employment for people with disabilities

A young farmer with reduced mobility used support from the Rural Development Programme (RDP) to expand his organic lavender farm and create jobs for people with disabilities. 

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Project summary: 

Lavandia is an organic lavender farm located in a picturesque wine growing region of South Moravia. As a wheelchair user himself, the farmer is committed to helping people with disabilities.
The main objective of this project was to establish a complete lavender production process – from the growing and processing of the herb, to the manufacture and marketing of the final products. The project provided the necessary funds to purchase a tractor and a distillation unit for lavender oil extraction, both adapted for operation by people with disabilities. The farmer also purchased land for cultivation.

Project results: 

Thanks to this RDP investment project the farm employs a total of 12 disabled people. 
The farmer purchased machinery and equipment which helped to establish business efficiency and limit strenuous manual work.
Before the project, the farmer did not have enough reserve funds to make investments. Currently, he can make new investments using the profits generated by the farm.