LAGs peer exchange: skills-transfer from experienced LAGs to new local partnerships

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Peer learning as a way to prepare new LAGs to use CLLD funding.

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Project summary: 

In the 2007-2013 period there were 112 Local Action Groups supported by the Czech RDP. In 2014-2020 there are plans to have 180 LAGs. This high increase in LAG numbers involves a considerable effort in capacity building, to get them ready to apply for EU funding and implement their Local Development Strategies.

A series of training, study visits, internships as well as pilot project selection was organised to provide new Czech LAGs with the opportunity to learn about the practicalities of CLLD implementation from their more experienced colleagues.

Project results: 

All 180 LAGs managed to submit their application for fulfilling ‘LAG standards’ and about 160 of them had received a certificate allowing them to submit their CLLD strategy.

Nearly 100% of rural areas in Czech Republic are now covered by CLLD (95% of rural communities compared to 59% in previous period).

This project was followed by special call for national cooperation projects focused on peer exchange and evaluation where all LAGs had the opportunity to find a partner LAG which whom they exchanged experience on the application of LEADER principles, the added value of cooperation or evaluation and monitoring.