Laastu farm - Generating solar power on a strawberry farm

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A family-owned strawberry farm in Estonia used EAFRD funding to develop the generation of  solar power, enabling the farm to expand and increasing their profits.

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Project summary: 

A family-owned strawberry farm in Estonia needed to develop its own electricity production to become economically sustainable and to expand its activities. The family invested in producing solar energy, giving them extra revenue from selling to the grid. The lower-cost solar power would also give their products a market advantage.   

The Laatsu farm used the EAFRD funding to construct the solar panels. They also were supported by a bank and insurance firm, but only after significant difficulties in finding ones ready to take on their project given a lack of other similar examples. They have been able to offer consulting services to others planning similar projects.  

Project results: 

Construction of solar panels to provide renewable electricity source and income from selling to the grid.

Increase of sales volumes by 300 %, total company profits by 100 % and creation of one permanent job.

Increase in visitors from 50 to 500 per year, with most hoping to implement similar projects.

They began consulting services to help other planning similar developments.