Kowalski Farm - Agri-environment-climate support for sustainable agriculture

Using RDP support to implement a sustainable model of agriculture that combines the production of high quality products and environmental protection. Winning initiative of the 2019 Rural Inspiration Awards in the 'Environment & Climate Action' category.

Project summary: 

Krzysztof Kowalski’s farm is the largest breeder of the rare breed “Złotnicka Biała” pigs in Poland. The farm also grows flax and oilseed rape which are used to produce oil and feed the animals. Agri-environmental support from the Polish RDP made it possible to implement a variety of environmentally friendly agricultural practices while producing high quality products.

To ensure minimal impact on the environment, pesticides are only used in the event of damage from crop diseases, or in cases where pest levels exceed specific thresholds. Fertilisers are only used in minimal doses, catch crops and buffer zones minimise nitrogen and phosphorus leaching. Moreover, annual testing for residues of pesticides and heavy metals in the extracted oil and the use of bees as bio-indicators allow for the effective monitoring of the health of the farm’s environment.

Project results: 

Good animal welfare conditions are maintained, and manure and slurry are applied according to the terms and doses defined by Agricultural Good Practice.

The owner of the farm actively cooperates with other farmers to share his experience and knowledge. The farm is a member of National Network of Teaching Farms.

The farm won several awards, including Farmer of the Year 2018, Vice-champion of Agroliga 2018, and the Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award 2018.