Koronya Horticulture – developing a start-up business in horticulture

A female entrepreneur used Rural Development Programme (RDP) support for young farmers to grow her business of producing herbs and container ornamental plants.

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Project summary: 

After graduating from university, the young female entrepreneur Dalma Koronya, who had always been interested in horticulture, decided to turn her passion into a business. Initially she grew and sold potted herbs then later expanded her business to produce container ornamental plants. 
Dalma applied to the Young Farmer support call in 2017. The Rural Development Programme (RDP) support enabled her to develop her business faster. Some of the activities carried out included building a better pavement to access her land, constructing two small buildings and buying additional land. The RDP support also helped her to buy propagation material.  

Project results: 

The initial production of 100-200 pots, increased to more than 10 000 pots and containers annually.
Currently Dalma’ business has about 200 varieties of plants. She sells her products on her e-shop, at fairs and on-site and her revenue has almost doubled in three years.