Klimatkollen i Greppa Näringen – Sweden offers farmers free tailored advice on climate change

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Targeted advice on climate mitigation actions for individual farms provides farmers with consultant support to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Project summary: 

Klimatkollen is an advisory service module within the very successful Greppa Näringen project. Consultants receive climate mitigation training to understand the different ways farmers can reduce the emissions linked to their agricultural production and the various calculation methods involved. They then tour individual farms to discuss possible actions that would contribute to reducing those emissions. 
The individual visits allow the consultants to assess and recommend tailor-made solutions for every farm that requested the Klimatkollen visits. Multiple visits and follow-ups during a three-year period enable capacity building and testing different methods that ultimately contribute to climate mitigation. The Klimatkollen visits focus primarily on resources efficiency which can result in positive changes that benefit both the climate and the farmer’s bottom line. The project provides a technical assessment of a farms’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, individualised advice from a consultant who has developed an understanding of the farming operation and on-going support for a period of time to trial and error which mitigation actions will be the most effective.

Project results: 

Consultants are trained inhow to calculate emissions and which are the different actions that can be implemented by farmers. Hundreds of individual consultant visits have been carried out, equipping farmers with specific actions tailored to their production system and reducing GHG emissions. Follow-up visits help provide on-going support in case actions need to be adapted or were not implemented effectively.