Kiek moal in! Agricultural businesses introduce themselves

A CAP-funded project to raise awareness about the role of agriculture in the Bourtanger Moor Nature Park and increase direct sales of regional products.

Project summary: 

The ‘Kiek moal in’ project connects local farms, businesses and sites in the Bourtanger Moor Nature Park through cycling routes that can be followed using digital maps. In addition to supplementing the local tourism and raising awareness about food production, this project enables farms and businesses to introduce themselves and sell their products directly to consumers.

Project results: 

This project was the first time local farms were presented to the public within the context of their relationship to the nature park cross-border region. 
Nineteen farms and one processing company feature on the new cycle route.
Cycling routes which use a QR system to direct users to facilities and points of interest increase the visibility of local services and create stronger ties between different sectors of the economy.