'Journey in the Forest’ – investing in forest environmental education

A forest association promoting forest environmental education used RDP support to  create a series of high quality educational material in order to attract the interest of children and their families.

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Project summary: 

A Forest Owners’ Association in Latvia is very active in providing public education and raising awareness about forest environment issues. The association organises excursions in forests, and works with children in schools and kindergartens. During these activities they realised how little informed children and their parents are  about forests’ ecosystems.

The association supported by a Local Action Group, used RDP support to develop a series of high quality educational materials including costumes, pillows and forests suitcases storing different artefacts and tools. The items became an indispensable part of the largest educational event on forestry in the country.

Project results: 

The association organises one of largest educational events in the forestry industry in Latvia, called ‘Forest ABC’. In 2015, the event was attended by more than 3 000 participants and in 2017, by more than 5 000 participants.

The project contributes to the sustainable management of the forests in the counties Kuldiga, Alsunga and Skrunda.

More and more schools, kindergartens and hobby groups are interested to invite the association to run the educational program in their areas.