Joint work for organic market development

Awareness raising and sales promotion for organic crops and products

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Project summary: 

Certified organic farmers established a producer group and presence at local markets in the North- East of Slovenia. The group also helped to establish direct relationships with consumers by using a range of promotion and awareness raising actions. The project helped to increase direct selling skills, improve sales and expand regional market opportunities in the organic sector. It stimulated    private    investments in follow-up information   promotion   initiatives and raised other farmers’ interest in cooperation.

Project results: 

The volume of sales increased by 15% and the profits by 17% compared to the project start.

Cooperation  with  organic  shops,  organic  markets,  local  market centres, schools and kindergartens has been established to allow access to their consumers/users.

The producers extended their presence at three new sales outlets.

Visits to the website is continuously increasing, in the period from August 2014 until May 2015 the visits increased by 522 % and the number of users by 692 %.

Based on provided press releases 73 free media publications were observed.