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The technical assistance project JOBtoc aims to investigate the profile of ‘Young Rural Entrepreneurs’ across mainland Portugal and thus contribute to adapting development strategies and policies to the needs and potential of regionalised rural development.

Project summary: 

The project aims to investigate the profile of those designated ‘Young Rural Entrepreneurs’ across mainland Portugal and to assess how the implementation of Family Farming and Young Farmer statutes can be aligned with the values and expectations of young people.
It will provide reliable and substantiated information about young people in the rural areas and their needs. It will focus on identifying needs relating to climate change, bio-economy and circular economy, the competitiveness of territories and diversification of their activities and innovation. It will also aim to identify the critical factors for their sustainability.

Project results: 

The project intends to gather valuable audience insight which can help to ‘fine-tune’ the implementation strategies of local policies for young people in various territories through:
The Rural Investor Guide;
A book of rules, standards, or records, known as the ‘White Book’ of the ‘Young Rural Entrepreneur’, on policies and support for settling young people in rural areas, including recommendations for political and institutional action, nationally and regionally; and
A national debate focused on young people in rural areas (still to be carried out).