Janez Smrtnik's farm – Mountain farming using indigenous breeds

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An organic mountain farm uses indigenous breeds to produce high-quality meat, while preserving the local environment and genetic resources.

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Project summary: 

Kovk Farm is an organic farm located at an elevation of 750 to 1,100 metres. The farm owners obtained EAFRD funding to raise indigenous breeds of sheep, cattle, goats, chickens and pigs, which are best suited to this mountain landscape.

This supports the farm in its mission to maintain indigenous breeds, the environment and Slovenian cultural heritage.

Project results: 

Kovk farm employs one person on a regular basis. The EAFRD funding has given it the potential to develop further and create more jobs.

The farm has been able to increase the sales price of its trimmed meat by 14% because it is produced organically.

The benefits of breeding endangered indigenous breeds include protecting genetic resources and breeding knowledge.

Janez Smrtnik farm has become part of the ARK Farm Network, in recognition of its contribution to preserving biodiversity in Slovenian husbandry.