Investing in preventive actions against forest fires

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Restoration of a deteriorating forest road and the construction of a wooden lookout tower in order to protect 1500 ha of forest from forest fires.

Project summary: 

Forest fires are a significant problem in Slovakia. In 2017, 162 forest fires broke out affecting a total area of 298ha. The most common causes of forest fires include careless open fires, illegal burning of waste outside landfills and uncontrolled burning of grass and dry matter. 
The community Stiavnik  in the district of Bytca in north-western Slovakia, decided to restore a forest road of strategic importance against forest fires. The road had been built in the 1970s and had significantly deteriorated over the years. They also constructed a watch tower to oversee almost 70% of the area’s forest.

Project results: 

Reconstruction of the 3.7km long forest fire road and building of a new 8m high forest fire wooden lookout tower. Both works contribute to effective forest management and maintenance of an area of ca 1 500 ha of forest. 
Improved access to the forest will increase the forest owners competitiveness. Thanks to this investment they expect to increase revenues by 5% and create another job.