Investing in new forestry machinery

A small family forestry business used RDP support to acquire new machinery that would enable it to respond to the increasing demand for forest services.

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Project summary: 

The Urbanc family has been involved in the forestry business for decades. In 2006, they set up a company which employs two workers and offers services to the public and private sectors, in the Savinjsko-Šaleška and Koroška area. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for forest services. The machinery that the company used for these services was old and could not support further expansion.
RDP support was used to acquire a four-wheel drive standard tractor designed exclusively for forestry work and other necessary equipment, such as nets and safety equipment, a forestry winch and a pulley.

Project results: 

The new tractor is stronger and faster, and its performance is around 30 - 40% more efficient in comparison to the old one; 
Working with the new tractor is easier and safer for the workers. Manoeuvring is easier and the air suspended seat causes less shaking.
The company can take on larger orders and improve production planning.