Investing in biodynamic agriculture

RDP support helped a family farm to generate added value by applying a sustainable model of production through biodynamic agriculture.

Project summary: 

The beneficiary Ms Amalka Vukelić moved with her family from the centre of Zagreb to start a small farm in northern Croatia. Their ambition was to produce high-quality healthy food, and so they turned to biodynamic agriculture.

Over a two-year period they planted redcurrant and blackcurrant plants and quince trees and purchased the necessary machinery and equipment. At the end of the project, the 4.5 hectare family farm has an orchard of 185 quince trees, and grows 1 100 currant bushes and vegetables using the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Project results: 

The project enabled the production of high-quality food according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

There is a very strong link between biodynamic food and health tourism. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of overnight stays in the farm’s immediate vicinity.