Introducing the Sámi food culture into public kitchens

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Socially inclusive food supplies for the Swedish Sámi community.

Project summary: 

The Sámi people inhabit the region of Sámi, which incorporates most of northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland as well as parts of North-western Russia. The Sámi have their own traditional food culture which was not well known to the public kitchens of Sweden’s Sámi region, where many Sámi live and where this project was based. In cooperation with the municipal authorities, food kitchens and Sámi food businesses of the region, an educational services company implemented a project that would bring all parties together to solve the issue of how to get Sámi cuisine onto the menu of public kitchens.

Project results: 

The project covers the entire Sámi region in Sweden, including 14 Sámi administrative municipalities.

All municipalities have been positive about bringing Sámi food into their public kitchens.

The project supported 15 Sámi food businesses.

The project organised a large conference where 100 stakeholders discussed the challenges and opportunities of bringing Sámi food into public kitchens.