Introducing new machinery and market innovations on Eberlin's Apiary

A young beekeeping entrepreneur used LEADER support to buy new and innovative equipment for honey production. This enabled him to make the production process less labour-intensive and develop a new range of products. 

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Project summary: 

A young Latvian entrepreneur, Krists Ēberliņš, was seeking ways to improve the competitiveness of his apiary. Specifically, he wanted to improve his production processes and at the same time diversify the range of products he could sell.

EAFRD support enabled the young entrepreneur to buy new equipment and machinery. These included machinery for producing creamed honey; a packaging machine and a cold storage box. At the final phase of the project the entrepreneur carried out the certification of the machinery and the production process. As soon as the purchase and set up was completed, the relevant controlling authorities inspected the equipment and the production process and issued the required permissions to begin production.


Project results: 

The capacity and speed of honey production significantly improved. Wax melting capacity in one melting cycle increased by 90%, while honey packaging speed increased by 75%.

The apiary developed two new products which are very successfull in the local market. The apiary now offers a wide variety of products including honey from different flowers, creamy honey, comb honey, sauna honey, pollen, beebread and beeswax candles.

The municipality of Saldus is using Eberlin's Apiary products to promote the area. As the products are getting known to local customers, the municipality invites Eberlins to take part in the local products fair “Made in Saldus”.

In 2015, Krists Eberlins was nominated by the municipality as “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015”.