Interregional workshop on gender equality

The French National Rural Network organised a workshop on gender issues for actors involved in delivering rural development policy.

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Project summary: 

Research evidence has shown that gender equality is a significant problem for women in rural areas and in agriculture. In order to organise a joint response to this issue, the French National Rural Network organised a one-day workshop for Local Action Groups (LAGs), regional networks and EIP-AGRI Operational Groups.
During the workshop, participants received information and brainstormed about how to develop common tools and approaches that would help ensure women are equally represented in projects supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Project results: 

The workshop helped improve cooperation and networking between actors involved in the delivery of rural development policy. 
It allowed for the development of common tools and approaches to address gender issues through the EAFRD. 
It is estimated that through the action plan produced and snowballing from the 70 workshop participants, approximately 500 people received some information from the workshop. 
The rural network of Mayotte repeated this action at the regional level.