Integration Pact in Luxemburg

Supporting integration initiatives for residents of the Miselerland area

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Project summary: 

LEADER Miselerland created a new ‘Integration Pact’ based on a strong network of regional actors, associations and volunteers. It worked closely with schools, youth centres, associations and clubs to promote integration and recognition of diversity.
One specific initiative was a competition which saw local community groups design ‘Integration Couches’ to be placed across the community – to both symbolise cultural diversity and act as meeting points for local inhabitants.

Project results: 

•  In twelve communities, 15 groups of designers aged 3-88 created ‘Integration Couches’ which were placed in community locations.
•  World and youth cafés brought inter-cultural groups together improving mutual understanding.
• In 2015, ten of the 14 municipalities in Miselerland decided to widen the network
•  A cross-border initiative is now planned with partners in Germany