Installing water, sewage and other infrastructure in rural Romania

A commune in Transylvania used EAFRD support to connect homes to a water and sewage network as well as other key infrastructure.

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Project summary: 

Inhabitants in a commune in rural Romania were not connected to municipal water supplies or sewage treatment works. Roads and other key infrastructure were also in a poor state, deterring tourists from visiting and keeping necessary foreign investment out of the area.

The local administration used the almost 3 million EUR EAFRD support to build the infrastructure  for water supply and sewage works for the villages of Romuli and Dealu Stefanitei as well as other construction work such as roads and a new kindergarten. 

Project results: 

Over 80% of inhabitants were connected to an automatic water supply system and sewage works.

The Romuli cultural centre was renovated.

A new Kindergarten was built.

The local road in Romuli village was renovated.

5 jobs were created for technical staff responsible for supervising the running of the new installations.