Installing greenhouse climate systems for energy efficiency

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A Danish plant nursery installed climate and control systems in their greenhouses to increase energy efficiency and reduce their production costs.

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Project summary: 

‘Thoruplund Nursery’ is family business established in 1946 in Odense, Denmark. The company produces ornamental plants, the majority of which are exported, in 23 greenhouses covering an area of 45 000 m2. 
The company acquired and installed a climate computer system which includes the ability to automatically manage the climate curtains of the greenhouses. The climate curtains are used to provide insulation and shade when needed. The climate control computer and the automation of processes allows for increased energy efficiency and reduced production costs per unit.

Project results: 

The new systems improved real time monitoring and is more efficient in regulating the temperature and humidity in the 23 greenhouses.
The climate curtains will generate savings of 537 000 kwh within five years of operation. 
The total energy savings gained by installing the climate computer system will be 24 217 600 kwh in the same time period.
Less labour is required for the controlling the curtains.
The reduced production costs will allow to recover the investment cost within four years.