Installation of biodiverse pastures in Portugal

An agricultural holding installed 42 ha of pastures which helped increase the farm’s livestock while increasing carbon sequestration and offering environmental services. 

Project summary: 

An agricultural holding, which had been producing organic meat over 615 ha sought to increase its production of fodder to feed a larger herd and provide multiple environmental benefits.

In 2010, the producer installed 42 ha of biodiverse pastures using a mixture of seeds of several legumes with Rhizobium inoculation. In parallel the producer assumed a set of commitments regarding the establishment, composition, management and monitoring of the pasture. 

Project results: 

42 ha of multiannual biodiverse pastures installed.

Increased available of quality organic fodder, enabling increases in herd size.

Improved farm sustainability by lowering production costs, and increasing the quality of production;

Improved nutrient retention in the soil from the mix of legumes and maximised carbon sequestration.

Enhanced biodiversity in the pasture habitat.