Improving the sustainability of a Slovak forest

A Slovak state enterprise used EAFRD funding to plant new forest seedlings and develop a forest road for maintenance activities, strengthening the forest’s sustainability.  

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Project summary: 

Climate change, fires, pests and disease pose a major threat to spruce forests in Slovakia’s Volovec mountains. Soil erosion and water run-off are also a concern. The forest had declining biodiversity and needed a road to give fire-fighting and maintenance vehicles access to the area.

The Slovak state enterprise used the EAFRD funding to plant 591 150 forest tree seedlings (mainly beech and maple) and to protect them against animals and weeds. The funding was also used towards the re-development of a 1.4 km unpaved road including earthworks, drainage and asphalt paving.

Project results: 

New seedlings of mainly beech and maple ensure the forest is healthier and resistant to damage caused by wind and pests.

Lower risk of soil erosion and greater water retention.

The new road allows heavy equipment to access the forest for wood harvesting or to combat fires.

The road is also a boost to tourism and sports organisations.