Improving soil quality by using sustainable practices

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A family farm invested in a biogas plant to produce renewable energy while also purchasing a new tomato harvester to improve the farm’s overall income.

Project summary: 

The project consisted of two major investments in a large farm of around 350 ha of the Po plain in the Emilia-Romagna region. The beneficiary set up a 1 MW biogas plant and purchased equipment to automatically select and pick organic tomatoes grown on 70 ha of the farm. Both investments would improve the income of the farm by diversifying its energy sources, and by improving the product quality.

Project results: 

The biogas plant creates an additional and significant income of around 15 000 EUR per month.

The tomato picker guarantees a high-quality product and harvests some 6 500 tonnes from 70 hectares in just 50 days, operating on average 8 hours per day.