Improving the performance of the agricultural holding AGEL NICULA Ltd.

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This project aimed to replace old farming machinery and thus improve the productivity and economic performance of a farm holding.  

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Project summary: 

A farmer in Lehliu, southern Romania, was using old machinery that frequently suffered damage, and without a nearby repair workshop, farming was often very difficult. Other farmers with machinery had to help out, though they would usually do so too late – after they had finished their own work. 

Support from the RDP enabled the farmer to acquire new machinery including tractors, a reversible plug, a scarifier and a combinator. The new machines enabled the beneficiary to independently perform the farm work and significantly improve the productivity and economic performance of the holding.

Project results: 

After the project, the cultivated area increased to 390 ha of arable land.

Production costs have been reduced due to the lower fuel consumption of the new machinery.

Using the new combiner enabled more work to be carried out in one pass, which led to fuel and labour savings as well as consequently to increased economic efficiency.

Reducing the number of machine crossings and incorporating plant remains in the ground allowed a good soil structure to be maintained.

Resource management can be performed more efficiently, and the farm has become more efficient economically.