Improvement and recovery of the pedestrian routes network in Rabaçal

Rural Development Programme support was used to improve the accessibility and educational function of a UNESCO-listed Natural Park in Madeira, Portugal.

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Project summary: 

The ‘Laurissilva Forest’ is classified as an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. It also holds the distinction of Community Importance Site - Natura 2000 European Network (Madeira’s Laurissilva and Mountain Massif sites) and is part of the Madeira Natural Park area. 

Support from the Madeira Rural Development Programme (RDP) was used to achieve the sustainable restoration of visitor access walkways and to establish an education and interpretation programme and leisure areas.

Project results: 

A network of pathways with touristic interest was created of about 39 km long that includes the existing walking trails. 

The Rabaçal shelter house was transformed into a centre for environmental information, education and interpretation.