Hydroponic production of tomatoes in glass eco-greenhouses

A major exporting agricultural company in Portugal, used EAFRD support to develop a state-of-the-art innovative, greenhouse production unit.

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Project summary: 

The company Atlantic Growers was established in Odemira, Portugal, in 2001. The company grows tomatoes and peppers according to very high-quality standards in state-of-the-art, equipped greenhouses applying organic crop protection. Innovation and precision agriculture are key factors that help the company to position itself as one of the main players in the European market.
The company’s strategy is to gradually construct a 6.4 hectare glass eco-greenhouse for its production needs. The first phase included the construction of 2.02 hectares of the greenhouse and was completed at the end of 2014 using support from the 2007-213 RDP. The current investment corresponds to the second phase of company’s plan to construct another 0.73 ha.

Project results: 

Around 150 tonnes of baby plum tomatoes are produced each year in the 0.7 ha area with a turnover of about EUR 490,000.
The cogeneration plant, has a capacity of 3 350 kW which allows to sell energy to the public grid. The energy produced reduces the project’s CO2 emission by about 0.2 kg for each kW of energy produced. 
No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the environment. The CO2 released from the cogeneration, is fully consumed in plant fertilisation
Created eight permanent jobs.