A holiday cottage on an equestrian farm

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A year-round holiday cottage was built on an equestrian farm to accommodate guests. The construction used natural materials such as moss and wood.

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Project summary: 

An Estonian equestrian farm family wanted a cottage to accommodate guests all year round. They also wanted heated rooms to host children’s activities, private events, crafts and catering. The region lacked such venues, particularly for the winter. They wanted to use natural materials and provide a unique experience.        

The family used EAFRD funding to plan and construct the year-round holiday cottage including help from consultants. They installed a ground source heating system and a sauna in the cottage. They can also offer catering.  

Project results: 

Construction of a year-round holiday cottage to accommodate guests to the equestrian farm including a sauna and large fireplace.

Installation of a ground source heating system. 

The cottage also hosts events, parties and children’s activities.