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HofladenBOX is an online marketplace where customers can order products directly from more than 60 different farmers in the Fürth district.

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Project summary: 

The HofladenBOX digital platform enables customers to buy directly from various regional suppliers without intermediary trade. It brings customers who want to buy regional products together with small suppliers. HofladenBOX handles the technical solution, logistics and marketing.
Customers can individually add to their shopping cart from multiple suppliers. Farmers deliver ordered products twice a week in carpools for the HofladenBOX team to pack the ordered products in boxes and deliver them to the customer. 

Project results: 

Around 60 companies now participate in HofladenBOX and over 1 500 everyday products can be found on the online marketplace. 
Customers can easily select, order and pay for various suppliers’ products online. More than 3 000 customers have now registered, and up to 600 orders are received weekly. In 2020, food worth approximately one million euros was sold through the marketplace. 
HofladenBOX employs about 20 employees, fluctuating with the season.
For many farmers, HofladenBOX has become an important distribution channel, allowing jobs to be maintained in regional agriculture. It also makes a major contribution to the preservation of biodiversity, since HofladenBOX has also received requests for old apple or potato varieties or bread made from particular grains, for example. 
Positive customer feedback has been received; product quality and freshness are unique through the avoidance of transportation and warehousing.
The CO2 balance also benefits from the reduction in transport. Packaging material is also reduced.