A higher ground for local livestock

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A family farm that breeds the protected Marchigiana cows received Measure 14 - Animal welfare support to improve the way their livestock are maintained.   

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Project summary: 

The Filippini family farm is located some 70 km from the seaside of Pesaro, in Central Italy. The farm has been breeding Marchigiana cows for more than a century. The family realised that they could improve the traditional practice of ‘transhumance’, the practice of seasonally moving livestock for grazing, by applying new animal welfare standards. 
After joining Measure 14, the Filippini family attended a mandatory training course on animal welfare. They set up specific spaces in the cowshed for quarantining and treating sick animals, which improved their chance of a full recovery. The family also introduced regular checks for common hygiene related diseases, to intervene more promptly and to reduce the overall use of medicines. This reduces the chance of drug resistance in the animals. 
The farmer also started to check the quality of the water provided to the animals and the presence of mycotoxins in the feed in a systematic manner. Additionally, the animal diet is supervised by a veterinarian. 

Project results: 

Animal welfare has been improved as demonstrated by increase in fertility (+15% of calves born/year), the reduced birth mortality (-10%), and the reduced use of veterinary medicines. 
The public image of the farm has improved, leading to more appreciation by its customers.
Cooperation has been established with nearby livestock breeders of Monte Catria area.