High Welfare Floor (HWF) – Construction of an innovative barn for dairy cows in Slovenia

Realisation of an innovative farm investment project to improve animal welfare conditions in the barn and secure economic and environmental benefits.

Project summary: 

A young farmer used investment support from the Slovenian Rural Development Programme to install an innovative flooring system called High Welfare Floor (HWF), which is a multi-layered surface that provides dairy cows with dry and comfortable accommodation that resembles outdoor conditions.

Project results: 

The barn was the first in the world to use this latest version of HWF in real conditions.

Ammonia emissions have been reduced by up to 80% reducing the farm’s carbon footprint.

Milk yield per cow has increased by almost 10 litres per day (to between 36 - 38 litres on average).

The need for manual work in the barn has reduced by half and has also reduced veterinary costs.